Hillcroft 3s 25 - 1 Kent

17th October 2021

A mixture of injuries, 2s poaching players and some meddlesome wisdom teeth meant that the honour of the Hillcroft 3s was to be guarded by a skeleton crew.

The already sub-optimal situation was further worsened by players needing to take shifts as referee as well as a certain member of the team, we’ll call him Rob Clarke (because that is his name), arriving 30 minutes late.

The game did not start well after a Kent player, apparently cosplaying as high-elf Legolas, scored from the face-off. This early setback was enough to shock the team into first gear. Enter the Engine.

A mixture of blinding speed and the confusion caused by running a pole in O helped Shayne get us on the board. From there, nothing could stop the crazy train, and the Welsh Wonder finished the game with 6 goals, 3 assists, and the fair company of a female admirer later at the Swan. Be in no doubt that the Engine can, and will, score on and off the pitch.

Rob’s fashionably late arrival meant everyone breathed a sigh of relief, until he took his first shot. Remember lads, always arrive with plenty of time to warm up.

Luke’s prowess at the dot and Charlie’s hard dodging meant that Kent spent most of their time staring in awe at a team O that was running like a well oiled machine. Special shoutout to Ed “Ringo” Ring for his first goal as a halibut.

Not to be outdone the D had an equally impressive outing. George reminded us that he has an absolute cannon, bagging 4 goals for himself, and Joe, Lucien and John ensured that any Kent player that stepped within 30 yards of the goal was brought to the floor faster than Harry Perry downs a pint (in opposite land).

Charles also played.

Final score: 25-1

MOM: Shayne (Engine) DOD: Rob